Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome to a brand new Excel Blog


With great pleasure, I welcome you to my brand new Excel Blog. I have titled it as "Excel with Hari" to share all the little things that I have learnt about Excel in my almost 15 years association with the wonderful tool - MS-Excel.

Here on the blog, I will start posting all the tips, tricks and less-known but more useful functions and utilities related to MS-Excel. Shall try and share something everyday. You can also see a splash of VBA codes here and there.

I welcome you to keep the forum lively with your posts too, and regular feedback.

To start with, I welcome you to take a look at this article on Excel 2010, which I wrote for Que Publishing:


See my book on "Excel for the CEO": 
Also, my ebook on "Excel for the Small Business Owner": 


Raman's said...

Thnaks for sharing your experience in Excel as a financial and software professonal!!

Look forward to learn and read your expertise!!

Best wishes!!!

RS-Lilongwe said...

Thank you very much Hari.

Arun Babu Narayanaswamy said...

Great initiative from you asusual to share your knowledge with us so that we can also excel in excel. Good job. Looking forward from you for some great tips on advanced functionality in excel.


Tx for being an inspiration.. wonderful tips and i daily practicing them :).. ll bcum like U 1 day :)